Vota Juan

By Víctor García León, David Serrano

Written by Diego San José, Juan Cavestany, Víctor García León, Daniel Castro, Tom Fernández

Cast Javier Cámara, Maria Pujalte, Nuria Mencia, Adam Jezierski, Joaquin Climent, Pedro Ángel Roca, Mona Martínez, Esty Quesada, Yaël Belicha

Produced by Mediapro
100 Balas
Turner España

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Set in the world of Spanish politics, “Vota Juan” revolves around the figure of an anaemic Agriculture Minister, Juan Carrasco, who, after a series of political coincidences sees awaken in him an ambition which leads him to stand for the leadership of his party and as a consequence, Prime Minister. Party intrigue, petty jealousy and crisis are par for the course for Juan in pursuit of his goal. 


  • Comedy
  • 8x30 '
  • TBC
  • Digital 5.1
  • Colour
  • 4 K
  • Spanish