The Queen of the Lizards

La reina dels llargardaixos

By Burnin' Percebes, Fernando Martínez, Juan González

Written by Burnin' Percebes, Fernando Martínez, Juan González

Cast Bruna Cusí, Javier Botet, Ivan Labanda, Miki Esparbé, Roger Coma, Al Sarcoli

Produced by Burnin' Percebes

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Berta (Bruna Cusí) is a smart young single mom enjoying a summer fling with Javi (Javier Botet), a weird guy who's living with her and her daughter, Margot. Every summer fling has to come to an end though, and this one ends today, or at least it was supposed to. Everything changes when the ship that was supposed to take Javi away never shows up. Berta is now facing the worst of her fears: a relationship and another baby on the way.


  • Science Fiction, Comedy
  • 60 '
  • +13
  • Other
  • Colour
  • Super 8
  • Spanish