You've Got Talent

Tens talent

By Enric Vilageliu

Written by Enric Vilageliu

Cast Miranda Gas, Bernat Quintana

Produced by ESCAC Films

Sales Agent Contact producer

Jana receives a very special visit from her old boyfriend, Jordi. They try to be intimate again and reconnect but something feels off. Jordi knows that Jana has been confined to her house for a long time and he wants to encourage her to work on her paintings. Jana doesn't want his lectures, but she also doesn't know how to escape her creative crisis. One evening, they'll come up against the black hole of negativity Jana's in, the same unstoppable black hole that swallowed up their relationship.






  • Art, Drama
  • 11 '
  • TBC
  • Digital 5.1
  • Colour
  • 2D Digital
  • Catalan