Love is Forever (VII)

Estimar és per Sempre (VII)

By Eduardo Casanova

Written by Eva Baeza, Ángel Turlán, Borja González, Diana Rojo, Daniel del Casar, Macu Tejera, Mercedes Cruz, Óscar Corredor, Covadonga Espeso, Tirso Conde, Ariana Martín, Miriam García, Beatriz Duque, Julia Altares, Ángeles González-Sinde, Virginia Yagüe

Cast José Antonio Sayagués, Manu Baqueiro, Itziar Miranda, Anabel Alonso, Iñaki Miramón, Paula Usero, Lucía Martín, María Castro, Fernando Andina, Anna Azcona, Neus Sanz, Angy Fernández

Produced by Diagonal Televisió

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S7 will again provide a reflection of the socio-political developments within its time frame. We will laugh and cry alongside our beloved Asturians once more as they break their backs to defend their neighbourhood, their family and their friends. New characters, too, will bring their own mysteries and intrigue, together igniting that spark that is so vital to the genre: love and indifference, jealousy and envy, passion and suffering, shame and redemption coexisting all at once... alongside revenge, of course. For this season, the main settings will be the hotel business world of the La Vega family, the satirical magazine Hasta luego, the King's Road Club and the office of Justo Quintero.


  • Fiction
  • 250x50 '
  • General Audiences
  • Dolby Stereo
  • Colour
  • HD
  • Spanish