The SuperRighteous

Super Chavalas

By Carol Rodríguez Colás

Written by Carol Rodríguez Colás

Cast Montserrat Dengrà, Andrea Sánchez, Ivette Hernández

Produced by Alba Sotorra

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The members of the SuperRighteous team are SuperConvincing, SuperSpeed and SuperZoomSight, three twelve-year-old heroes who spend their afternoons using their powers to protect the square where they've played since they were young. From their spot on top of the square, they can see the whole neighbourhood and watch out for any villains who might be causing trouble. One afternoon, when they get to their spot to start a new adventure, they discover that some  teenagers have laid claim to it to smoke and drink. This is the perfect chance to use their superpowers, but something's happened: SuperConvincing's powers aren't working on one of the teens. Will the SuperRighteous team be able to get their spot back?


  • Fiction
  • 10 '
  • General Audiences
  • Other
  • Colour
  • 2D Digital 35mm
  • Spanish