The Disciples of Marcel Duchamp

Els deixebles de Marcel Duchamp

By Josep PĂ©rez

Written by Josep Pérez

Cast Jelili Atiku, Cecile Richard, Antoni Karkowski, Anna Bonachera, Ramon Guimaraes, Ana Milovanovic, Nenad Bogdanovic, Natàlia Espinet, Eliana Beltran, Isabel Corullón, Jesús García Plata, Abel Báguena, Marina Barsy Janer, Helen Ceballos, Susanna Pruna, Alícia Cayuela, Paco Justícia Cazorla, Marian de la Chica, Paloma Orts Pacual, Anna Wacker

Produced by Jopergon

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The small village of Les Escaules hosts the most noteworthy encounter of performers in Spain: La Muga Caula, a three-day event during which the monotonous rural life of the town's sixty-five inhabitants is shaken up by the presence of a group of artists from around the world.

The film is a journey into the performing arts, told through various perspectives. It follows the passionate instructions Nigerian artist Jelili Atiku gives to a dozen students attending an acting workshop. It recounts the initiatory journey that one of the students, Anna, will undergo to join this discipline. And finally, it offers a glimpse at several performances from some of today's most relevant artists.




  • Art
  • 56 '
  • +16
  • Dolby Stereo
  • Colour
  • English, Catalan, Spanish, French