The Fire Kid

El niño de fuego

By Ignacio Acconcia

Written by Ignacio Acconcia

Produced by Nanouk Films

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Aleixo (17) lost 91% of his skin in the fire, a tragedy that occurred when he was only 9 years old when his father's truck burned to the ground following an accident. He then spent a year and a half in the hospital and had to recover from two cardiac arrests. Aleixo struggles to find his place in the world, facing the typical problems of his age and, in particular, the consequences of the day when he lost almost everything. A ghost that won't let him rest. In El NiƱo de Fuego, we will discover that some people are not in fact afraid of death, but of life itself.



  • Documentary
  • 90 '
  • TBC
  • Other
  • Colour
  • HD
  • Spanish, Catalan, Galician