Suburban Mud

Fang de suburbi

By Xavier Esteban Casas, Odei A Etxearte

Written by Èrika Sànchez Marcos, Xavier Esteban Casas, Xavier Valls, Josep Casulleras, Odei A Etxearte

Produced by Antivaho Cinematográfico
Televisió de Catalunya

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Two young men say goodbye to their mother. She died while they worked to recover the father's memory, Xavier Valls; an architect who died when a car bomb exploded in the underground car park beneath a crowded Barcelona hypermarket in the worst attack by the Basque terrorist group ETA.
Xavier Valls led the Santa Coloma de Gramenet Popular Plan, an urban project devised by residents in 1978 that gathered a decade of struggles to transform one of the suburbs on the outskirts of Barcelona into a dignified city. Residents and architects are inspired by it today to save the Barcelona neighbourhood of Vallcarca from gentrification.




  • Documentary
  • 90 '
  • General Audiences
  • Dolby Digital
  • Colour
  • 2 K
  • Catalan, Spanish